Geriatric Health Enhancement Grant

craig-rubinThe geriatrics unit of UT-Southwestern has been awarded The Next Steps $1m four year award for its internal medicine department.  The donation – to be used for the enhanced of geriatric health care – was given by the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation.  This is the second grant that UT-Southwestern has received from the foundation.  It is one of the 10 grants under the umbrella of the foundation’s Aging and Quality of Life program.

According to Chief of Geriatrics and Principal Investigator of the UT-Southwestern Aging and Geriatrics Education program, Dr. Craig Rubin, getting one of these grants is no easy feat since they are very competitive.  He explained that “the Reynolds Foundation decided a couple of years ago that it would fund a new round of grants open to the institutions that had previously received its support.”

The UT-Southwestern Geriatrics unit has also led a geriatric health fellowship program for a number of years.  Within the field of geriatric health, the fellowship offers: specialized education for physicians and offering the elderly the best possible care using expertise garnered from clinical skills by developing a strong medical foundation.  It is a one-year primary care track program.