Promoting Senior Wellness in Washington Park

senior-centerThe Senior Center in Washington Park recently hosted a series of events entitled, “Embrace Your Wellness Community Fair,” for the elderly as a way of promoting senior wellness.  This was where seniors were given tips on how to enhance their quality of life, focusing on subjects such as blood pressure monitoring, flu shots, etc.  According to Amy Kloster, Assistant Director of the Interfaith Older Adult Programs, there are around “25 different community resources [which] have come in and are identifying what dimension of wellness they connect with in the community.”  This incorporates the spiritual, intellectual and emotional aspects of wellbeing.

Another aspect that was brought up in these sessions was how seniors can become more energy-efficient at home.  A representative of Focus on Energy, Nancy Alberte was in attendance giving “cash back rewards on appliance recycling.”  Every little bit helps

For those who did not attend this series in Milwaukee but want to get more education on enhancing the quality of life as a senior, Brian Bingaman on Twitter @brianbingaman has some great tips.