Senior Wellness Facility

wellness-centersA new senior wellness program in an apartment building in Rockford is proving beneficial to both residents and taxpayers. Zion Development was set up in Longwood Gardens Apartments to enhance the quality of life of its residents through their “unique wellness programs.”

The senior wellness facility is run by fitness trainers and nutritionists who are being paid $2,300 per resident. The funds for this are coming from a state grant. This idea will end up saving Medicare money since for example, dialysis alone costs Medicare between three to six thousand dollars weekly.

Apart from the obvious financial saving, residents have noted an improvement in their overall health. One of the reasons for this is the focus on preventive measures such as sugar, cholesterol, weight, blood pressure testing. In addition, there are substantial savings on ambulance calls – 24 percent lower in fact, a financial saving of $13,000+ annually.

So this senior wellness facility certainly seems to be good for everyone.