Enhancement of Geriatric Health in Hawaii

seniors-hawaiiElderly people in Hawaii are going to be benefiting from the Victor and Margaret Pavel gift. A staggering $11.5m was given to the University of Hawaii Foundation. According to the School of Medicine’s dean, Jerris Hedges, it will be used to:

“support two faculty members on an ongoing basis who will contribute to both training and research in geriatric medicine. Expertise in geriatric medicine is very important for Hawaii as we have one of the oldest populations in the U.S. We know that, as we age, a variety of conditions can develop. Having faculty who are focused on understanding the physiology of aging, and how to work hand-in-hand with the patient to have healthy aging, is really a key part of our training program.”

Other initiatives currently taking place in the state are being undertaken by Hawaii Pacific Health. This not-for-profit health care institution is sponsoring workshops for the elderly on healthcare information and how to enhance their quality of life. Subjects covered include: diabetes prevention and treatment, hearing and vision loss, etc. In addition, through its Summer Student Research Program, a few college students are able to participate in a clinical research study and medical curriculum organized by Hawaii Pacific Health.

It is a way for participants to learn about health issues, understand those matters specifically pertaining to the elderly, and what kind of preventive measures can be taken. In addition, the sheer aspect of socializing with these students is extremely positive for the seniors. It is really a win-win for both the students and the elderly. As one student, Noa Yee said, “My calling, I think, is healing. While I’m only 20 years old, the summer student research program has given me an opportunity to be a healer when I can’t cure.”