Senior Wellbeing: Enhancing Independent Living

aging-homeIn general, as people age, their preferred option of lifestyle arrangements is to remain in their homes. Even if they need assistance, they would rather be in the comfort of their own surroundings, than in a senior citizens home. As such, today, there are many organizations, services and products, designed to enhance independent living. Elder Care Services, Inc. (ECS) is one of them.

Some of the services ECS has been providing to seniors over the years in Tallahassee include: meals on wheels, senior day care (at the Lake Ella Elder Day Stay facility), and eldercare home assistance ranging from companionship to respite care. ECS offers supplies, assistance, devices and more. In addition, it gives seniors the opportunity to engage in volunteer activities, further enhancing their sense of independence.

A couple of months ago Capital Medical Society Foundation gave ECS $3,450 to “help keep more seniors where they want to be – in their homes.” The money is being put toward helping 20 seniors and their caregivers on the waiting list for this kind of support, such as: bathing, taking to and from medical appointments, help with filing insurance claims, etc.

Many studies over the years have found that there are tremendous benefits for seniors living at home while they age rather than move into an institution. Apart from the financial advantages (with ECS estimating their program is around 50% less than an assisted living facility), according to eCaring, it is a great way for the family to “helping [the elderly in their care] age comfortably, and gracefully.” Some of the most notable benefits to seniors staying at home include: not needing to adapt to a new environment (which can sometimes slow down recovery time when a medical procedure has to be performed), dignity, more personalized care, keeps families together, is generally safer (less cases of infections more common in institutions) and more of the same people are around (not changing staff and unknown people).

As well, according to a study undertaken by Clarity and The EAR Foundation, “senior citizens fear moving into a nursing home and losing their independence more than they fear death.” With the variety of remote monitoring systems available on the market, it is also possible for many seniors to remain at home today.

Thus with the many options available to assist those caring for elderly to help them remain at home, the senior community is often faced with a greater choice than ever before, as to how to age.