Aging and Chronic Illness

uploaded by Johnny Rotten

The elderly population that generally suffers from increased chronic conditions, often require more complicated personal and medical care. The best way of coordinating all of this is through geriatric care management services. It is the staff that work with these services that have a greater pool of information of the elderly, the issues they have, and the resources that are available in the community. With this, there is greater access for both the elderly and their carers to the services required.

Broadly speaking, a Geriatric Care Manager’s (GCM) role is to serve as an advocate for the senior. GCMs may have a degree in a field such as nursing, social work, gerontology or psychology. The GCM monitors the care the seniors receive, identifies what is needed and develops and implements a plan. And this system is good for those who have more complicated needs.

There is a lot of coordination involved with the role of the GCM too. In some ways these professionals are a mix of social worker, medical expert and counselor. They explain medications to patients, help with transportation, figure out placements, etc. As well they may intervene with family disputes regarding long-term care.

It seems that GCMs could be the right way forward for quality, efficient, elderly care.