WAVE Program

seniorsThe Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey has made it possible for local seniors to access wellness assessments via the Wellness Assessment Van for Elders Program. Known as WAVE, this provides yearly wellness visits for those who are 65 years and older.

Medicare already has been covering this since 2011. However, many seniors have not been taking advantage of this. Indeed, reports have found that a mere 10 percent are getting their annual checkups. WAVE administrators are planning to significantly increase this number.

According to Medicine Plus, there are manifold reasons for the elderly to go for annual screenings. First, as a general wellness check. Second, to assess and discuss any risk of future medical issues. Third, to promote and facilitate a healthy lifestyle. Fourth, to update any important vaccinations. And fifth, to familiarize the patient with their medical provider, should an illness or deterioration in a condition, occur. Then of course, there are the more specific screening cases based on lifestyle choices, medical history and cholesterol/blood pressure levels.