Whitehorse Health Meet

meetingLast week Premiers from 13 Canadian provinces and territories met up to discuss a whole range of socio-economic topics, but one that was glaringly amiss was the issue that keeps causing problems: a healthcare system incapable of providing adequate care on a viable budget.

Ultimately the simple fact is, the nation is aging.  As such, health care now takes up 50% of provincial revenues.  According to Statistics Canada, there are more Canadians 65+ than children under 15.  Indeed, there is  more than 16 percent in that age group which by 2051 will increase to one in four.

What this means is that the hospitals are too crowded because there are just not enough senior facilities or services for the elderly.  Because of this, people who need to be in the hospitals for surgery and stuff are waiting longer than should be the case.  In other words, alternatives need to be found for aging Canadians that a) are more appropriate for their needs and b) don’t waste the valuable resources being used in hospitals for patients who actually need them.

Thankfully though, things are changing.  In the news is the story of the near-completion of the Killarney Seniors Centre, and at the same time, Vancouver has plans for a second such facility.  According to Raymond Louie (who presented the idea for the first center), it is now up to a vote from the Council and a commitment to the anticipated $9m expenditure required.  It is hoped that both the federal and provincial government will take part in this.