Aging Gracefully Around the US

elderlyHillsborough is setting up for its 2015 Green Living and Wellness Fair. Taking place on June 17, it focused on both environment and health, with screenings and information on green living and will take place at the Hillsborough Township Municipal Complex.

In addition in Brooklyn, there was the Seniors’ Legal Safety and Wellness conference on June which was held at the Centreville Baptist Church, organized by the Annapolis Valley Aging Well Together Coalition in an attempt to imbue the elderly with accurate and useful information to help them make the most appropriate decisions as they age.

Through another study – a series entitled ‘The Faces of 85 and Up,’ in which a group of six New Yorkers in that age bracket were followed on how they navigate life, one piece of advice seemed to be consistent: the importance of keeping a sense of humor as one ages. 91-year old John Sorensen from the study comically said: “the only thing about dying is that I won’t be alive long enough to enjoy the fact that I finally died.” Although the truth is, this is because he lost his long-term partner and no longer wants to live without him.

If we are privileged to reach old age, there are many ways to do so gracefully.