Baylor Health Care Gets Capital Injection

The Baylor Health Care System Foundation just received a pledge of close to $12.5m from the Deerbook Charitable Trust, to be received over the next three years.  It is to use this money to improve the quality of care for geriatric patients.  According to the CEO and President of the foundation, Joel Allison, the need to provide care for the elderly is particularly important now as the baby boomers turn 65 this year.  The grant will enable the foundation to “develop best practices that will leave a lasting mark on geriatric healthcare for years to come,” he said.

Executive Director of the Trust, Arthur Sundstorm said that this Foundation was chosen to receive the money so that it could develop programs to advance the entire geriatric care field.  He pointed out that, “Baylor has a unique set of resources that perfectly position them for a project of this magnitude and scope.  Their magnet designation for nursing excellence, visionary leadership, national prestige and innovative culture secured the confidence of the Deerbrook trustees and reinforced that Baylor was the natural choice to lead this ambitious project.”