Day Center Seniors on the Move?

Will the Benderson Center Have to Close?

The Benderson Center, located on 205 S. Salina Street, Syracuse, is in danger of being shut down due to financial budgeting issues. Although the place has served the elderly population for almost four decades, enabling them to come and sit, and chat to others, now it looks like it won’t be able to do this anymore.  The city’s mayor, Stephanie Miner, last month made the announcement that the center would close at the beginning of this month.  By doing so, the city will save a staggering $10,000 in rent, per month.

So the question being asked is, where to next for these seniors?  Well, apparently there is another option but it comes with its problems.  The Salvation Army down the road could suit these elderly individuals just as well, but the organization is claiming it doesn’t have the funds needed either. Further, a lot of people have said that it is problematic for elderly people to make even these small changes.  And indeed some of the elderly have been protesting so much that they have even taken to shaving their heads as a mark of distaste for the new move. 

The counter argument however, is that it’s not like the seniors are in-house.  If they were living there for some years and had to up and leave, then it would be different.  But given that it is just a day center, moving from one place to another in the same vicinity, should not really be such a big deal.  Nonetheless, it appears the seniors do not see it this way and are up in arms about what is going on.

Ultimately though, it seems a community discussion is in order.  At least if there is well thought-out planning ahead of time, then it won’t be such a shock for the seniors.  The ultimate hope is that Syracuse should be a good place for the elderly to age.