New Insights into Casts & More

bandageIn recent news, the AO Foundation, a medically guided nonprofit led by surgeons, has a new book for surgeons and others to use. Professor Geoff Richards is the Director of the AO Research and Development and Editor in Chief of the eCM Journal.

Called Casts, Splints, and Support Bandages—Nonoperative Treatment and Perioperative Protection, the book offers an overview of the history, techniques, methods and principles for applying modern plaster and synthetic casts. It has three sections about casting and guidelines for non-operative treatment.

The book also has a step-by-step instructions for 55 individual cast, split and bandaging techniques. This text and instructional video project will certainly be of interest to a large range of people in the medical community.

AO Education Institute is certainly proud to have been part of the project. Members like Professor Geoff Richards work tirelessly to help with the efforts of the AO Foundation and to assist surgeons in every way possible. As they say on their website, “It is the ideal resource for any busy hospital or orthopedic/trauma practice.”