Daniel Straus: HealthBridge Improving Assisted Living Facilities

assisted-livingThere is always room for improvement with assisted living facilities. This can come from either the organization itself or policy makers. In terms of the latter, the Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly Reform Act of 2014 was introduced by state legislators in California. Should this become law, there will be additional checks and balances at the facilities, increased training, an online consumer information system and more.

Such checks would be carried about the Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division. There would be “surprise” visits, which would take place at least once a year. These extensive inspections would replace the current five year checkups. In addition, the Department would also be forced to initiate and execute investigations more efficiently and faster.

Enhancing assisted living facilities is not something new to the likes of Daniel Straus, Healthbridge. As CEO, he believes that it is “gratifying” to be able to respond to extremely high standards of care, safety and services. Facilities Straus has developed seek to provide a high level of care, to reassure families of residents that those in care are enjoying the utmost support to efficiently enhance dignity and quality of life. Residents in Straus’ facilities live in an environment in which their needs are met through thoughtful and diligent staff members in line with Straus’ goal of creating a “standard of excellence in healthcare,” in which he takes pride.

So with new legislation and dedicated, thoughtful healthcare staff and management, there is every chance assisted living facilities will become stronger and more vibrant in 2014.