Eldercare Facilities Receive Large Capital Injection

Sentara Healthcare just donated $10m to the Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) towards funding for two geriatric care programs.  These are the EVMS Glennan Center for Geriatric and Gerontology and the Sentara Center for Simulation and Immersive Learning.  According to co-chair David L. Bernd, this donation “represents a legacy commitment to a cornerstone of the medical community in Virginia and the nation [and] will assist in providing world-class simulation training to clinicians, ensur[ing] a continued focus on the needs of the aging population in our community. We are glad to be part of the history and growth of EVMS as a well-respected medical institution.”

America has very few simulation centers.  Receiving a donation of this magnitude will enable it to advance its important work.  The facility is also used to train physicians and clinical staff in “simulated team-based care models, advancing patient safety and care delivery.”

The other center will use the capital injection to develop a patient safety program for its seniors.  As well, it will help with patient transportation from the hospital to their homes.