Geriatric Health: NY and OH

eldercareThis month, the central New York community will be able to access information about Geriatric health.  In an initiative taken by the Healthy Community Alliance and the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York is aiming to put together an educational resource on geriatric health in the form of programs to be used by rural health professionals. Also on offer will be a six-week online course and guided care nursing certificate, sponsored by The Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing.  Through this, participants will l earn how to properly assess the needs of their patients, monitor chronic conditions, and teach their patients how to improve their own health and enhance their quality of life.

Moving over to Bedford, OH, the University Hospitals Bedford Medical Center recently launched a geriatric health care program.  The idea behind it is to help seniors “live healthier, more independent lives.”   According to the center’s manager, Anne O’Neill, LSW, “healthy aging is successful aging.  Our primary goal is to provide clinical expertise and education to older persons and their caregivers in a collaborative health care environment to ensure that they are active and informed participants in their own unique aging process.”  The Senior Assessment Program at the center will be offering geriatrics a resource to manage challenging health issues, along with their families.

The greater education and resources available for seniors, the more enhanced geriatric health and quality of life will be.