Aging at Home?

Yes, With New Wireless Monitoring Devices

Now there may be a new way for the elderly to remain at home, but still be cared for by their loved ones and professional caregivers through wireless devices that ensure the elderly individual (at home) is connected to caregivers even though they are not physically together.  This ensures the senior patient remains checked up on and safe 24/7.

So what exactly can these devices achieve that in the past only caregivers have been able to?  Pretty much everything.  There will be glucose monitors; alerts (if the senior has fallen or gone astray, or even just missed a meal); blood pressure cuffs; and more.  According to director of business development and sales for Ideal Life, Steve Wheeler, some of the devices can work with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) too and a disease management system can be plugged into the patient’s home to tell caregivers what they need to know to help them.

Ideal Life’s Stats

Clearly the devices being made by this company are working.  Statistics have shown that by using Ideal Life’s remote monitoring devices, there are now less than half of congestive heart failure readmissions than there were without the devices.  And of course, over time there will be more to come, which will only lead to an higher quality level of living for the elderly which will provide them with additional choice as to where and how they choose to live out their days with dignity.