Louisville: Global Leader in Aging Care Innovation

What happens when business, technology and healthcare for the elderly are combined?  Innovate LTC.  In 2006, a study that was undertaken on Louisville’s healthcare system found that it was very productive in eldercare.   Since then it has been working hard on further developing this factor along with long-term wellness care.  In addition, various organizations have relocated their headquarters to Louisville, such as Kindred and Signature HealthCARE, rendering the city “the world leader in aging care innovation.”

Since the baby boomers are aging, there is an escalating demand for in-home care. Thankfully, due to major innovations in technology, it is becoming much more affordable. Rest Assured – developed by Louisville-based ResCare (America’s largest home care service provider) – offers video and sensor monitoring; reminders to take medication; and telecaregivers.

Given that Louisville is at the head of aging care innovation and wants to remain there, it established America’s first aging care accelerator – Innovate LTC. (the International Center for Long Term Care Innovation). This was set up between the University of Louisville and Signature. The project seeks to amass investment capital for new technology and products, connecting entrepreneurs with organizations that can financially make these ideas become a reality, such as aging-friendly products.

One such idea in the pipeline is an idea Innovate LTC is working on with Vita Care, to give the non-mobile elderly the opportunity to sit in a chair connected to a TV showing people dancing, swimming, etc.  The chair moves with the screen action and thus engages the elderly cognitively and physically so that on some level they can “participate” in these activities.