Seniors Save Money with Medicare

Now is the time.  For any senior who is supported by Medicare, now is the time to save money as this is the yearly enrollment period for Medicare prescription drug and Advantage managed care plans.  Given that the new healthcare reform law will be changing certain parts of the Medicare marketplace, it seems like in general, this is going to be beneficial for the elderly population.  There have of course been some criticism of the law since it will be decreasing some of the subsidies to Medicare Advantage, looking at the Advantage and prescription drug markets seniors need not worry.

Review Plan Annually

Everyone – no matter what their particular situation – is advised to review their plan on a yearly basis.  But this is especially important for those on Medicare Part D drug plans since there are often very many changes with the price of drugs; or accessing drugs, throughout the years.  As well, one’s own prescriptions often vary during the year so it’s worth looking into this regularly.

But there is no time like the present vis-à-vis starting the process. Experts in the field are encouraging everyone to make their reviews as soon as possible.  Health reform laws are being put into place earlier than expected and thus one should look to enroll ASAP, with enrollment being available from October 15 to December 7.  Look at your options:  traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage, and then make your decision.  Just remember to look out for ultimately what is best for YOUR personal needs.