Report on Home Healthcare Equipment

The Home Healthcare Equipment Market to 2017 seeks to provide vital information and analysis on what is available for homecare.  Five key areas are covered in the report:  hearing aid devices for the home; diabetes help at home; patient monitoring home services; respiratory devices and drug delivery devices.  Each category is reviewed and analyzed with their products.

In addition, reviews are recorded of various deals that have gone through in the home healthcare equipment market over the last four years.  Data collected for the report was through various existing databases, research, and analysis conducted by GBI Research.

A Big Business

Clearly, the healthcare market for home equipment is financially huge, having been valued last year at a staggering $32.6b with predictions of this figure increasing to $47.9b in the next six years.  The idea is that America’s healthcare system – already way over-burdened – will be able to spend less on the elderly through its healthcare institutions as equipment at home (which is cheaper) will be more readily available and of improved quality. The more healthcare that is conducted at home, the cheaper and better it is for the state. As well, most people prefer to be treated in the comfort of their own home, rather than having to be in a hospital bed.