Senior Center Entertainment

Barrington Senior Center

Last week, seniors in Barrington assembled for their 17th annual meeting organized by the Friends of the Barrington Senior Center.  At the meeting, they were given more information about the healthcare policy implemented at the center.  This talk was given by Deborah T. Faulkner, principal and owner of Faulkner Consulting Group.  Following that, director Louise House, discussed the different types of programs the Senior Center offers as well as how to navigate My Senior Center, a computerized data-management system comprising information on between three to four hundred users.

Senior Center Finances

The financial report was also discussed at the meeting.  Currently there is close to $20,000 in the center’s account even though it spent almost half of that this year on various office necessities. What’s particularly special about this Senior Center, is that it is probably the only one in the entire state of Rhode Island that offers all its programs without charge.  This is also probably why so many more people are continuing to flock there and more space is needed.  For example, around 25 to 30 seniors use the exercise facilities (which has grown from around 6 to 8 people).  As well, blood pressure can be taken there, and a cheap lunch – costing just $3 – is served every day.