Senior Wellness for Baby Boomers

elderly-fitnessTaking care of senior wellness has been found to be just as crucial as taking care of financial security, according to experts. But one of the main ways of achieving this is by living an active, healthy lifestyle and scheduling regular check-ups and screenings. So for diet and exercise, seniors should focus on consuming a balanced diet comprising mainly produce, with supplements of whole grains, lean meats and fish. As well – as for all adults – they should attempt to decrease consumption of sugar and salt to reduce risk for Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. For improved senior wellness, it is recommended that the elderly engage in low-impact exercises like walking and swimming, between three and five times a week, as this puts less strain on joints. For those who are wheelchair bound, there are also exercises that can be done from a sitting position.

When it comes to check-ups and screenings, according to the Sharp Senior Resource Centers program coordinator, Andrea Holmberg, it seems that the elderly tend to skip these or ignore their symptoms. In other words, to maintain senior wellness, the elderly are encouraged to take notice of new symptoms rather than just ignore them, thinking “well I’m getting old” as it may be something that requires a check. Regular screenings include: cholesterol, colon cancer, diabetes and blood pressure and then anything else that relates to their particular medical history.

Therefore for those attempting to take care of seniors, it is important to encourage them to get regular check-ups and screenings; preventive medicine is the best way forward for everyone, and this includes the elderly.