Seniors Lunch on Winter Safety

In Plainsboro tomorrow, there will be a luncheon for the elderly community to glean tips and take advice on how to best prepare for the winter to stay safe and healthy.  This is being organized by Princeton HomeCare Services in conjunction with Merwick Care & Rehabilitation Center.  A discussion will be led by geriatric care professionals, such as Dr. Harpreet Sidhu, Medical Director for Merwick Care. She has worked in this field for a decade.  In addition, each guest will receive a “survival kit” donated by Princeton HomeCare Services, comprising food, water, flashlights and first-aid materials, should poor weather conditions prevent them from venturing out for a while.

Simple Steps

The event will focus on giving out simple steps for geriatric care and preparation during the winter months.  She wants the seniors to become aware of the increased risks of health issues in their group due to the extreme cold weather and snow but that getting prepared for this, is very easy, such as getting a flu shot and not spending too much time outdoors, especially when it’s slippery, to avoid a fall.