Steve Jobs RIP Helped Seniors Too

Co-founder and chairman of Apple. Inc., Steve Jobs, passed away last Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at the tender age of 56, following a difficult battle with pancreatic cancer.  Although Jobs is best known for the iPod, iPad and iPhone, he also made substantial contributions to healthcare and wellness that are not so widely publicized.

For example, the company’s iPhone boasts a variety of apps that are great for seniors and their care workers.  The CaregiversTouch lets people store all their important information on their phone, giving them easy access to it when in hospital or at an appointment.  If the seniors themselves aren’t tech savvy and are unable to use the phone, it is available for their loved ones to access more easily.  In addition, Elder 911 boasts more than 500 pieces of expert advice from experienced geriatric care managers, categorized into 11 eldercare topics that also have solutions to standard caregiving problems.

Then there are the many apps that encourage the development of fitness levels; diets; exercise diaries and more.  Steve Jobs RIP was more than just a technical wiz; he cared about people and their health too.