Helping the Elderly Feel Young Again

QueenOften, feeling old, is just a matter of that…feeling it.  So if one makes a mental switch to feeling young again, sometimes that can be very positive.  One thing that is proving to be helpful to people moving into their golden years according to a study by Optegra Eye Health Care, is seeing famous people continue to lead full lives despite their age.

Some of those such individuals who are seen as inspiration today include: The Queen of England (approaching 90), David Attenborough (approaching 90), Dame Judi Dench (81), Dame Helen Mirren (70) and Joanna Lumley (70).

Indeed a survey found that 68 percent of adults feel younger than their age and are not letting old age or retirement stop them from living full, active lives.

And for those who need a little more help in the way of feeling younger, there is always Alfierobot. This “robot” is currently being created in an effort to help elderly people stay independent and active for longer. Nicknamed by those trying it out as Alfie, ENRICHME  (ENabling Robot and assisted living environment for Independent Care and Health Monitoring of the Elderly) is developing this in conjunction with the UK’s University of Lincoln.  Research is being undertaken to develop and test robots’ capacity to support seniors with ‘smart home’ technology to provide 24/7 feedback to seniors, caretakers and health professionals.