US Health Systems Pressurizing Nursing Homes

Medicare and Medicaid Threatening Cincinnati Eldercare

Two nursing homes in the Cincinnati area are under threat of closure as Medicare and Medicaid could be set to force them out if they don’t shape up.  And it seems that the government-based health agencies are right this time.  Care just isn’t up to par.  This comes after the announcement from various federal officials that both the Blue Ash Nursing and Rehab Center and the Harrison Pavilion (Westwood) are providing extremely poor care and thus need a severe shake-up or risk getting booted out.  The studies showed that compared to national and statewide averages, these homes have significantly more deficiencies.

It is not just these homes that are in danger of closing.  The government has an official list which currently has 136 facilities on it that are just not providing good-enough care. So while on the one hand this is not good for the elderly, perhaps it is even worse if they are in facilities that are not looking after them properly and ultimately they do have to move.

Some Improvements

Obviously these care facilities are doing whatever they can to avoid being shut down.  While Harrison Pavilion has been sitting on the list for close to a year, it is now recorded as “improving.”  Should this trend continue it could very well be removed from the list.  The home – run by Savya Health Care – has been in operation for more than four decades.  As well, there was some good news for the Blue Ash Nursing and Rehab Center. It was at one point on the “not improving” part of the list but has now been relocated to the “improving” section.  It is run by Saber Healthcare since its opening back in 1969.

Some of the problems incurred in these homes are: providing too many drugs to not fully listening to residents’ issues with staff, etc.  The report is thus excellent in the fact that it keeps tabs on exactly what goes on toward some of society’s most vulnerable people.