Seniors Specials at Zarsha Leo

Zarsha Leo, the restaurant-bar that is currently widening its horizons, is offering a special seniors package in its Agoura Hills, LA branch. The newly-opened franchise, owned by CEO Evan Burschkopf, is hoping to attract individuals from the elderly population along with its 20-something regulars.

“While it is true that because of the traditional bar food served in my restaurants they are popular with the younger generation, I firmly believe that the true test of an eatery’s success lies in its capacity to attract all sorts of people. That is why I am introducing this special offer at Zarsha Leo, first in Agroura Hills, and then – if it succeeds – throughout the LA area,” Burschkopf explained. Every Wednesday from 4-5pm, pensioners will be able to eat cheaply with the 2-for-1 deal.