Assistance for San Antonio Seniors

San Antonio Seniors receive a lot of assistance from the Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit, located at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital.  Since it opened in June 2010, seniors have been given the opportunity to receive emotional, spiritual, medical and social care.  To date, close to 800 patients have been treated.  
The center has 10 rooms, all designed with seniors in mind.  For example, every room is fitted with a restraint-free pressure bed which can be lowered right down to the floor.  This helps reduce the incidence of falls and bedsores, common in the elderly.  As well, the rooms have convertible love seats for those visiting.

ACE Unit Advantage

One of the advantages of the ACE Unit is that if seniors have to be helped medically, they often will not have to go to the ER, and instead can be immediately treated at the center.  They will be evaluated straight away by a nurse practitioner or attending geriatrician and admitted right there rather than having to move to an office for the administrative process.  As well there are clinicians who are in direct talks with the patient’s primary care physician so that they can comprehensively work out the best way forward.