Elderly Care in Summer

Senior_summer_travelThe hot summer weather can be hard for everyone. But one of the extra potential problems the elderly have is that they often have a harder time identifying when they are thirsty. It is thus very important for those caring for the elderly to keep tabs on how much they are drinking. Of course, this is even more the case with those who have dementia.

It is not so good for people to just drink a whole lot in one sitting. Sipping little bits throughout the day is best. But according to Dr. Jim Thomason of Maple Lawn retirement community, while it is beneficial to get older in that one doesn’t feel the heat as much, what’s worrying is that the elderly are thus at a greater risk for dehydration.

Another tip for elderly care during the summer month is to contact one’s local Area Agency on Aging to see if they can help those with limited resources get air-conditioners. Also be careful about vision in the elderly as too much sunlight can be problematic, especially with aging eyes. Use UV rays to protect eyes.

There are many things that can be done in the summer to protect our elders. Just keep on top of things and follow these simple ideas above.