Good News for Humboldt County Seniors

It has to be said that things haven’t been looking so good as of late for the frail, elderly of the United States of America who do not have much disposable income in recent years.    But there is one area where things just might be looking up for these seniors.  It seems that California’s Humboldt County might just be the place those looking for a new home, may seek to retire.

According to the executive director of Humboldt Senior Resource Center, Joyce Hayes, within the next year-and-a-half, there’s a very good chance that PACE will be brought to the area.  PACE is the Program of All-inclusive Care for Elderly and has so far not been available in the area.  In an article in the Times-Standard, hard-working Hayes factually pointed out, “we’ve done everything possible to make sure this is doable and we need to go forward.  We’ll have the first part of the application done by the end of September.”

If this really does happen, then the quality of life for seniors who cannot afford to pay extremely high prices for their health care in Humboldt County, really will substantially improve in the near future.