Paid Caregiver Program Locator

elderlyThe Paid Caregiver Program Locator – a free web tool that provides the opportunity for families to identify programs which offer monetary assistance to caregivers – has just been released. The American Elder Care Research Organization (AECRO) is behind the development and manufacture of this tool which helps those 34 million Americans, who – without pay – care for their elderly loved ones.

This tool has the potential to offer a lot of respite for the caregivers. It works by the user (the caregiver) answering questions about their particular situation. Thereafter, the Locator will “find” specific programs that can help them and explain how they work, who is eligible and how beneficial they can be.

According to Alex Guerrero, Director of Operations at AECRO, America offers more than 100 programs which can assist in the payment of caregivers for their efforts. “However,” he noted, “finding these programs and understanding their complex eligibility requirements is a major challenge, especially for time-constrained caregivers. Our Program Locator will quickly and easily educate families about the financial options available to compensate them for their caregiving efforts.”

The tremendous bureaucracy is often too overwhelming for those family members who are already feeling the burden of overextending themselves. Hopefully with this tool from AECRO that will soon be a thing of the past.